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Strut re-gas

The team at Freeze Equip can re-gas or replace all types of gas struts to the exact pressure and height required by your car bonnet, car boot, office chair, caravan roof – or any other application.
If a new piece of equipment requires a gas strut, we will calculate the required placement of brackets and type of strut needed. This must take into consideration the person using the strut (their strength, height and how the equipment will be utilised) and the equipment itself (material strength, travel of moving parts) and calculate the placement and type (length, radius, pressure) of gas struts required.
This can save you from attaching and re-attaching set-pressure gas struts purchased elsewhere – and whose pressure cannot be changed. Allowing Freeze Equip to do the job will make sure it is done right and will avoid wasting your time and damaging your equipment or yourself through an inappropriate application.
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